Indian Feast for Two

I woke up this morning feeling the effects of the amazing, but rich, food I ate last night. So, I know I promised to take pictures of our Indian Feast buutttt…I forgot my camera :( Honestly, I think the people who owned the restaurant would have been worried anyhow; they were on edge the entire evening trying to work out the kinks of opening a new restaurant. The food was AMAZING though. The Curry Pot is definitely family owned and had a very quaint atmosphere

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Mindy and I were excited from the moment we stepped in the door. We had numerous servers and they were all so sweet and so nervous. We kept insisting everything was amazing hoping they would relax but they were just so adamant about providing the best service they could.

I ordered a home made iced chai to start and let me tell you…best chai ever. Tazo has nothing on The Curry Pot. I downed two of these suckers and remained hopped up on a caffeine high the rest of the evening. Mindy and I decided to start with a mixed appetizer platter so that we could try as many things as possible. The appetizers were all very good but I was bummed that the entire plate was fried. There was a vegetable samosa which we split and a ton of fried chicken and veggie patties.

After the appetizers we decided to try the Feast for 2, again so we could try as many things as possible. First up was the soup. Mindy ordered the ginger soup which was tomato based. It was so clean and refreshing and I ended up taking home half of it (more on that later). I tried the khopa which is a coconut and tomato soup. I WILL be trying to recreate this in the near future, regardless of the insane heat index this summer. It was that good. Next we were served a platter of basmati rice, mattar paneer, and lamb korma. I was in heaven, both curries were amazing and the paneer (Indian style home made cheese cubes) tasted like tofu on steroids, yum yum. Next up the tandoori platter which included shrimp, lamb boti, and chicken tikka. It was fantastic, all of it. I’m picky about meats and I steered clear of the dark meat chicken (I don’t like chicken on the bones it wigs me out) but the chicken breast was perfect. There was also a side of naan but I gotta be honest, not the best naan; it didn’t have much flavor to it.

We were so immensely stuffed that we saved a good half of the food to split up and take home. The waitress then asked if we wanted our desserts for here or to go. Dessert??? I totally forgot the Feast included dessert. So we most definitely asked for it to go. She came out with two cups of ice cream; one pistachio and one mango. Both were home made. They were so incredibly sweet I was unable to eat them last night but I’m hoping to try them tonight.

Anyhow I woke up this morning still suffering from a food coma but I went to the kitchen and made this:

0618 (2)

There is cereal under all those berries and coconut, I promise. I also made some iced coffee. Unfortunately, these beans have been sitting around for awhile and the coffee wasn’t that great so I drank half and opted for some iced tea to quench my caffeine addiction habit.

0618 (1) 0618 (3)

I was so groggy that I decided to read a little bit (Water for Elephants NOT Barbri) until I eventually woke up and could listen to more lectures. A little reading turned into finishing the book, oops. Before I knew it, it was lunch time and I had yet to begin my lecture. So I heated up something quick:

0618 (4) 0618 (5)

An Annie’s Non Dairy Veggie Burrito and Mindy’s amazing leftover ginger soup from The Curry Pot. It was the perfect light lunch. I then reluctantly entered into Barbri lecture land and began punishing my brain.

Unfortunately lunch and breakfast did not stick with me and I was starving a couple of hours into the lecture so I grabbed a Chocolate Coconut Larabar to accompany me while I plowed through more of the lecture. Half way through the lecture I decided to take a break and go run some errands and hit the gym because it was about to storm.

The gym was a nightmare today :( I am most definitely out of shape and I’m sad to see how much of my running strength I’ve lost. I ran 2.5 miles in 32 minutes and my heart rate skyrocketed out of control. It averaged 164 and maxed out at 187. I really try to keep my heart rate under 185 and I’m hoping to eventually keep it below 180 but I guess after months of inconsistent cardio my heart isn’t fond of me jumping on a treadmill and trying to run for more than 5 minutes at a time. One reason for the jump in my heart rate is because I started Week 4 of C25K which calls for more intense intervals. The transition from Week 3 to Week 4 is pretty significant and I’m hoping tomorrow my body reacts better to the Week 4 intervals.

I got home from the gym and made yet another smoothie.

0618 (6)

I amped up this smoothie because I don’t think I’ve been getting enough protein lately. So I added some of Anthony’s chocolate protein powder and some almond butter. There is also spinach, milk and a frozen banana in the mix. It’s so rich it almost feels like I’m drinking a milk shake.

I’ve deemed tonight leftover night because we had leftovers from dinner a couple of nights ago and I have my leftovers from the Curry Pot. Anthony will be eating leftover sausage and peppers and I’ll be partaking in round 2 of my amazing Indian cuisine. I’m sadly super stoked about this.

My goal for the rest of the day is to finish this lecture and do some multiple choice drills. Tomorrow I need to catch up on some lectures I’ve missed and Sunday I need to buckle down and do more drills and some essay writing practice. It should be a fun weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. Yum! I just LOVE Indian food!

  2. Fernando Senra says:

    Thanks for the review, Jamie! I saw that it had opened, but hadn’t heard any sort of review. I will definitely have to try it out. How was the ambiance?

  3. Kylene Gay says:

    Came across you blog while trying to find some reviews on the Curry Pot! Going with my husband tonight – not sure if I’m as brave in trying all that stuff you had! I’m just craving some good tikka masala. :) Your blog is cute and the pics are nice!

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